Maternal Ecstasy

In American culture, female breasts are often defined aesthetically, as objects to satisfy male sexual interests or functionally, as an optional source for infant nutritional needs rather than spiritually, as a venerated relic of feminine empowerment and joy. To require women to cover their chest in situations where men are free to be bare-chested is an act of misogyny. To shame or forbid a mother’s ability to feed and nourish her child is an act of aggression against women. In literature, the act of breastfeeding is sadly, most often portrayed as a difficult and painful task. It is rare to find a poem or story in celebration of the maternal ecstasy and spiritual bond that occurs during suckling. When the sight of a woman giving life-sustaining breast milk to an infant child is viewed only as a beautiful act of love, then women will have ascended to their rightful position in society as nurturer, teacher, spiritual guide, Creatrix.

Ceremonial Breast Bowl Glazed earthenware. 11” wide x 2” deep.

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